Let’s dive into Twitter

So we’ve been locked up in our homes for almost two weeks. Some have managed to find an occupation, a routine to keep them entertained, others have even managed to provide content that wouldn’t not been possible otherwise (I think of all the amateur videos and photos that we see spreading on the net right now, produced by people who are bored at home for people who are bored at home).
In my point of view, and as a relentless user of twitter, I could observe a drastic increase of meme or amazing content on this platform. I find that is preferable for us to be able to detach oneself from the actual situation through humor or entertainment.
This is why I offer you today a small tweet compilation on the CoronaLockdown

A perfect example of the creative videos I mentioned in the introduction (and a jojo reference as bonus)
How I imagine those who still organize outings
One of the best quote from one of my favorite characters… interesting
Tips and tricks from the hand sanitizer crisis
Pretty accurate
Some things never change

Annnnnnnd it’s time for the french twitter to shine (dont worry, every tweet caption will have a translation right below)

“When someone starts to cough weirdly on the bus”
“Tobacco is count as one of the “essential businesses” with pharmacy, bank and food, i laugh so hard. We’re so f****** French, they were on the verge of putting wine merchants in this group”
“Everyone : Only 100 days before the UEFA Euro 2020
The Coronavirus :

As a true football fan, the last one still hurting.

Simon LD

When life closes, open Internet!

Do you remember when we spoke about how life can continue in your garden? What do you say if I tell you that there’s a bigger world to discover in your computer or smartphone? Check this!

Smartphones are even more powerful than some laptos

Maybe you will find yourself stressed in this very lost and vast world. Just stay calm! This are some advices for you and your online navigation. First of all, you have to understand that Internet is so big and you have to be clear of what do you want exactly. So why don’t we start giving you some websites that you might be interested on?

Are you in your home without read, study or just concerning about how to still learning? Internet brings you the posibility to study with online courses. SOME OF THEM ARE FREE! In addition, you can obtein certificates, statements or any other document of participation. Here there are some of them for you to explore:

If you are not fulfilled with this massive amount of knowledge, I show you a recommended list of cultivated websites for cultivated people. These websites bring you the posibility to discover art pieces in virtual museums, streaming performances or even books online. Once again, all for your confort.

  • https://www.wdl.org/en/ UNESCO opened a global library in this crisis to learn more with documents of libraries of the whole globe.
Start now and turn into a new one from your home!

These are some examples of what you can do. Thanks to this websites I started a Digital Marketing course from Google and I finished a Creative writing and critical reading course by The Open University, so I have more skills to work at home while I’m learning. My ambition doesn’t stop there and we always have to learn!

There is plenty of websites that I didn’t mention before just waiting for you. These are just samples of the whole capacity in Internet, but it’s a huge world as I said before. Take this time to discover them and to learn something new of your interest.

José M. Gómez

What if…

“What if…?” is probably the biggest question that is out there in our minds. At least in my one. It’s this silly question that we shouldn’t even think of, because we can’t anyway change what is happening at the moment. It’s always a major force. But still the question stays it’s in our heads. It’s a question about what decisions, what restrictions were really necessary, it’s a question about how harmful this virus really is or if we are making it that strong with our fear, with our actions. Might the harm we are causing to ourselves not be bigger than the one this virus is actually causing? Is the virus not going to spread anyway, even if we close boarders and people in their homes? Is it worth it to put people in critical economic situations, in unemployment, in existential crises? Would the people that are dying now due to this virus, not maybe have died anyway? Is life and death not anyway a natural selection? Is it again a way of the human being to intervene in nature? These are question that are causing a lot of debates in our heads, that some of you might find tactless, but that no one can answer… Doctors have different opinions, politicians have different opinions, citizens have different opinions. The fact is that at the end we have to trust and follow those who take the decisions, if we agree or not. 

I must admit that my first thought when the quarantine was announced was “I’m not going to let them take away my freedom!” And the more this situation goes on, the more rebellious I feel. It’s taking us away our freedom, it’s separating us from people, and certainly there are some of us in isolation that might not get sick from the virus itself but from loneliness and depression. It feels wrong to me seeing everyday new methods of keeping people apart, it feels wrong to me that families and couples are being separated, it feels wrong to me that people on the street change the side they are walking on just because someone else appears on their way. It’s heartbreaking! My only hope in all this is that, when this is going to end one day, people have realised how much they actually need each other and don’t take it for granted anymore that there is always someone right by their side.

But in all the rebellious thoughts and “what ifs”, as I said we have to follow the decisions that were taken for our society, because at the moment it’s the only right thing to do. I’m not a risk group, I’m most probably not going to die from this if I get it, but I wouldn’t forgive myself if I would put other people in danger, people that are still working for us in this difficult times. So the only thing that we can do at the moment is to find a new definition of freedom within this borders that were made up, to stay positive and healthy in our minds, to support each other from distance as much as we can, to find a reason to wake up every morning, and to always see the light at the end of the tunnel. 

Lena Clasing

«The struggle you’re in today is developing the strength you will need for tomorrow» Robert Tew

Lena C.

Quiet Monday


Monday is usually busy and crowded.
Not this time.
Everybody keeps themselves at home.
Strange madness.
Wind blows through the streets of the quiet town.
Wind is the ruler now.

I walked along the empty fields that farmers prepare for sowing.
They must.
They know that each day still counts.
Blue birds fly north.
Over the mountain, church men sing parodies of luck.
The future is here.


Now, here is a video I took in the Inntal Center today at noon.
Only a couple of shops were open.

As I walked back home I stumbled upon a puzzle piece. Literally. Then after a few steps forward there were two more puzzle pieces laying on the ground. I guess many more will be found in order to make sense of what is going on. We’re on our way.

Puzzle Pieces

I wish you all find your puzzle pieces and put them together to make a wonderful, happy picture!



Gardening in virus season?

Probably, you think about what to do in a long period indoors. But not everything must be indoors! Some of you may have a garden, so guys you have time enough to work on your personal garden!

During these days, I have been working on my garden. As you can see, no one touched the garden in months! Of course we thought in October that snow and cold would clean the garden by winter. That was far from true… After even February, the grass was still growing! Our timetables and the lack of tools made us procrastinate and letting the garden issue apart. Suddlenly, the virus came and we had to make quarantine. I had no doubt of it, I said “I have to clean this garden by once!”. All the labour started under a beautiful shining-sun.

You can see no one helped in a long time
Still, the process was painful and my hand got injured. It was the first time a make this sort of work.

The labour was hard! There were so many grass between and under the flagstone. I took the globes and a plastic bag. I was willing to clean up everything as far as I can! However, the sun is strong and the grass too. So we planned a different goal: we need a courtyard. Why? There was a shining sun and fresh air. I addmit also that we were lazy enough and we didn’t want to make everything in one day. But this also was a good idea to take the sun and enjoy the atmosphere with chilling mornings under the light.

Finally, we managed to clean up a big area. The flagstone was cleaned enough, the leaves were put into the rubbish and all the insects got far enough from us. Thus, we finished! We just needed now to use the wood as chairs and then put a table on the center. Do you want to see how ended up?

YES! We had a marvelous lunch under the sun outside.

You may have no garden? Well, gardening is not only clean a courtyard and remove bugs. You can have flowers in a window or you can try to plant vegetables in a small pot! I invite you to visit different web pages to guide you or giving you more ideas. Internet is big! And now you have no excuses to finish your job or getting bored at home. Do your best in this troublesome season!

Of course, try not to lose your mind!

José M. Gómez