When life closes, open Internet!

Do you remember when we spoke about how life can continue in your garden? What do you say if I tell you that there’s a bigger world to discover in your computer or smartphone? Check this!

Smartphones are even more powerful than some laptos

Maybe you will find yourself stressed in this very lost and vast world. Just stay calm! This are some advices for you and your online navigation. First of all, you have to understand that Internet is so big and you have to be clear of what do you want exactly. So why don’t we start giving you some websites that you might be interested on?

Are you in your home without read, study or just concerning about how to still learning? Internet brings you the posibility to study with online courses. SOME OF THEM ARE FREE! In addition, you can obtein certificates, statements or any other document of participation. Here there are some of them for you to explore:

If you are not fulfilled with this massive amount of knowledge, I show you a recommended list of cultivated websites for cultivated people. These websites bring you the posibility to discover art pieces in virtual museums, streaming performances or even books online. Once again, all for your confort.

  • https://www.wdl.org/en/ UNESCO opened a global library in this crisis to learn more with documents of libraries of the whole globe.
Start now and turn into a new one from your home!

These are some examples of what you can do. Thanks to this websites I started a Digital Marketing course from Google and I finished a Creative writing and critical reading course by The Open University, so I have more skills to work at home while I’m learning. My ambition doesn’t stop there and we always have to learn!

There is plenty of websites that I didn’t mention before just waiting for you. These are just samples of the whole capacity in Internet, but it’s a huge world as I said before. Take this time to discover them and to learn something new of your interest.

José M. Gómez

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