Guarantee you since young

What do you think about work? For some, it is a question of how to do it less; and for some others, it is a matter of survival in society. Let’s take this one: work is one of the basis of societies. People have nightmare or dreams with their jobs because it defines our status, it gives us freedom, it enters us into adulthood, it gives us a purpose… But you know that working as and independant young one is hard and the EU deals with this problem? Here is my reflexion.

The problems

There are several points that we all can define as the causes of unemployability before the 30’s years old. Let me get into the point(s). Some organizations or companies have the fear of having unexperts working with them so some of them require even years in the same sector. This also makes the youth fear and insecurities. Youth might think they are always unprepared so they must have a lot of studies. That’s our next point. People believe that we must have a career mandatory. (Insert dramatic voice) Unless you have superior studies, you would fail in life without a job. How killing!

We can work with medium studies and with no studies. Since I’m in Austria, I discovered that there’s a lot of posibilities if you don’t have huge status diploma and thousands of courses and three languages fluently spoken like a native. Not only fault of our mentality but companies as we said before. How then can we have experience if you don’t let us work? I give clues later.

And then let me speak about the conditions. Youth people often have to live with their parents hundreds of kilometers away from the work just because the apartments or the houses are so expensive that it is imposible to be independant and start a family/new life alone. But how my father can do it and not me? He has experience on his job and you don’t, so the first years you may gain between the 40% and the 60% of what you would earn in 3-5 years; And that’s if the contract is for an undefined time, which is more commom to find it temporally. And gender or nationalities is often an issue of unequality in companies.

The hand

This sounded really despairing and I put companies as the same level as the Evil incarnated. I do apologize. But the truth is that we are fighting this. The most clear: what I do. Yes, I am a volunteer and this a win-win job. I give my hand in a certain area while I learn in a foreign country and I can make a Youthpass (we spoke before in another post) that is like a resumee of what I did here; And let me tell you that is even more useful to ask for a job than a career diploma in many cases. We also work!

Also, this is not the only thing that you can find. Internet is crowed with ideas, experiences, blogs, suggestions, international jobs, interships, non-European volunteers and much more that is headaching to think. People share their experiences in social media, ask then how they did; organizations offer interships or scholarships, fight to apply them; companies look for crew of other countries, use all the tools on your hand to give them reasons to hire you.

This can also help with the people of distance and the difficulties of living alone. Then you receive conditions that allow you to stay: a paid insurance, a place to live while your work is on during a period of time and any sort of subsidy. Do you want also one of my advice? Enterpreneurship doesn’t only mean to create your company. If you use the (psychological) tools that enterpreneurs pray like it was the Bible, this world is at your shoes. There’s a lot of courses of enterpreneurship even for free that you can use in your own direction. And here’s the second advice: enterpreneurship is based on energy. Energy to create, energy to be responsible, energy to be brave, energy to think, energy to meet… Being active in a nutshell.

If you accomplish these requirements, you prove to be one of the best options of the market. Wouldn’t this then guarantee you a position in the company? You don’t need to answer. Proof to be that master, that salvation, that mesiah that they are waiting for. Thus they won’t even care about gender, nationality, ethnicity or any kind of that. Companies are greedy so instead of fighting, be better than they and proove it that you’re the way to make them gain money.

One or two more general advices

First, the father quote: boy, this is tough. So allow yourself to fail and be patient. Of course you can be scared, but don’t let the fear win this time. With corona-stuff we entered into a crisis and we need new ideas and fast people that can save the economy; so take this another father quote on mind: don’t stare at the floor, the sky is upper your head. Also try not to be nervous. It is not like to be dressed casual or in smoking-suite. Be yourself and avoid lies. For many, being dressed in a simple way is better than being “over-fancy”. This also applies to respect; Speak with respect to the people you are suround, but don’t exceed your esteem, you’re not talking to the queen. And finally but not less important: always learn from others and yourself.

José M. Gómez

Spaniard’s quarantinee

Well, maybe in Austria we are getting out of restrictions, but not in Spain. As far as you know, It is right now one of the worst and the most affected countries by covid-19. They are not removing quarantinee until may at least. However, the Spaniard spirit is beyond European standards. This is a compilation of the most in Spain.

-Teacher doing sport lessons in the neighbourhood
-Man catched running because he tried to cheat the police
-DJ-ing in a big neighbourhood
-Playing BINGO in balconies
-Police threating to beach swimmers tired of them
-Walker thanks the 8pm sanitary aplausse
-Semana Santa orchestra
-The police again in the beach
-Tanks in Spain
-Spaniard is naught but clean

We are truly out of level. Some try to find enterteiment but some others are not strong enough to stay at home. Maybe some are just lost. But let’s get again into more memes.

-Someone is bored, then another too, then go to bed at once
-Playing outside also means in windows
-Sevillana in Jerez. At home, we dance happy
-DJs always try to motivate
-And the biggest disco on world: the land of Spain
-Playing I spy or being what we like to be

We don’t lose our way of be as you can see. Many of them are different of what in Europe are used to. However, they also are the strongest in creativity. During Eastern, we celebrate huge parades with catolics simbols that many non-Spaniard people can understand. BUT IT’S ALL CLOSE! THEN HOW?! Spaniard boredom is more like bore-doom.

YES! We made parades across all the balconies!

Here’s the spirit of my country. For some it’s funny and for some other reflect the real spirit of what the land of the crazy Quixote is. Maybe we suffered the pandemia like the most, but no bad can remove our way of being. We go, as our motto says, Plus Ultra.

José M. Gómez

Youth Goals and Competences… Which suits me?

In the voluntary work you have like 8 competences to develop. Of course everyone is skilled or aims to something specific. I open myself and this time I tell you my concern. Why do I feel concern? I DON’T KNOW WHAT IT SUITS ME!!

The key competences

I put you here a summarize of what the key competences are based on. Thus you can have a slight idea if you’re not familiar within it:

  • Multilingual competence: the ability to use differents languages for communication and to understand and express thoughts, feelings and facts orally or in writing.
  • Personal, social and learning to learn competence: the ability to learn to learn, to manage one’s own learning an reflect on oneself.
  • Citizenship competence: the ability to act responsible citizens and to fully participate in civic and social life based on understanding of social, economic, legal an political concepts as well as global developments and sustainability.
  • Enterpreneuship competence: the capacity to act upon opportunities an to turn ideas into action that has values for others.
  • Competence in cultural awareness and expression: it is understanding of how ideas are creatively expressed in different cultures, through differens arts.
  • Digital competence: it involves the responsible use of digital technologies, communication and collaboration, media, digital content creation, safety, intellectual property, problem solving and critical thinking.
  • Mathematical competence and competence in science, technology, engineering (STEM): the ability to use mathematical thinking to solve problems in everyday situations.
  • Literacy competence: the ability to understand and express thoughts, feelings and facts orally, in writing or in other forms, and to interact with others.


Quite extensive, isn’t it? Well, that was my first thought too. Then, which one can suit me? The first thought would be according to my studies, sure. I’m student of Translation and Interpreter then Multilingual and Literacy competences would be suitable, don’t you think? STOP there are more competences in translation and interprerter. A translator/interpreter must solve problems and have strategies; That is literally the Personal learning competence. And do you think translators use books and paper to translate? No, we follow all the new tendencies, so we prefer to have advanced technology for typing and investigation. Digital and Science competences would also be covered. If you’re not convinced of Science, the market of the scientific translation is the most popular and the most wanted. And finally, the translator/interpreter is an hidding enterpreneur who work between societies! No, I don’t mean we are spies; I mean that we get involved in social and cultural changes and we work on it. Thus we create a business (Enterpreneur competence) of changes and interaction in the culture of the people (Citizenship and Cultural awarness competences).

Can you see? IT IS IMPOSIBLE TO DECIDE! Then, should I make it based on my preferences? These preferences are. I would like to stay in Austria and use all my knowledge to work and to live here; Once again, all competences. Should it be the preferences of the country? C’mon, Austria is a wonderful country! They are involved in all of those competences like me. My project? Exactly like the previous question. There are no one that I can focus on?


Exactly, there are nothing that you can focus on. A voluntary work consists on the max enedeavour that you can offer. Maybe at the end you can see what it developed more or what it did the less. This is not confusion then, it’s the truth that you are helping, that you are important and that we all thank your work. Perhaps my path is not that clear as far as you can see and I’m still not decided what should I focus on, but I know a thing: give your best on what you are doing and all it’s comming together.

José M. Gómez

Funny Spanish expressions and proverbs

If you are not that familiar with my mothertongue, we are really funny and different from the rest of Europe. Fun fact, Spain is the only European country with African cities. It is also one of the countries with more types of cultures with the same roots. But you know what I like the most? Expressions. The Spanish imagination is so powerful and you won’t believe how we see the world.


These expressions and proverbs have equivalents in English but we change a few things or maybe we absolutely turn the whole phrase:

  • Talking to the Devil: In Spain we don’t say the Devil, we Talk about the king of Rome (Hablando del rey de Roma).
  • A word is enough to the wise: Well, maybe the Spanish needs more. To good clever-man, few words are needed (A buen entendedor, pocas palabras bastan).
  • Barking dogs never bite: Our dogs do! But less of course. Barking dog, less biter (Perro ladrador, poco mordedor).
  • Don’t put all your eggs in one basket: True meaning of life but Spaniards play cards: Don’t gamble all to one card (No te la juegues a una carta).
  • It’s raining cats and dogs: WHAT?! Animal rain? No! We have pots on the sky. It rains pots (Llover a cántaros).
  • One man’s meat is another man’s poison: We don’t even know what that means. Spanish have more to say: Talking about taste, nothing is written or Talking about taste, colours (Para gustos no hay nada escrito or Para gustos, colores).
  • Birds of a feather flock together: You have to know that we are religious. So we say God grow them together and they meet (Dios los cría juntos y ellos se juntan).
  • Monkey see, monkey do: Religious, but… we like to enjoy dirty things. We say Butt I see, butt I want (Culo veo, culo quiero).

The pure Spanish

Did you like the comparison? I might be wrong but none of this exists in any other language. They are for sure really creative:

  • Being a bad-luck bird: Exactly that! We talk too much and maybe we attract the bad luck, so always speak positive (Ser pájaro de mal agüero).
  • Thin dog all-cover by fleas: The bad luck always strikes to the weak one. Remember, stay brave and positive or the bad thoughts will come for you! (A perro flaco, todos son pulgas).
  • Having almond milk in veins: Actually there’s more than almond milk to those lazy and slow people in the blood. Can you imagine a human with almond milk in the blood? Or air? Or just lack of blood? (Tener horchata/aire en las venas or No tener sangre).
  • Bread is bread and wine is wine: Let’s be clear, things are the way they are. Don’t change your perspective of reality or the name of the things (Al pan pan y al vino vino).
  • Every owl to their olive tree: Isn’t it funny?! This only means to take people to their houses or the places where they belong. Guys, the party is over (Cada mochuelo a su olivo).
  • Sew and sing: English is famous with their piece of cake or their cup of tea. Who haven’t heard of the easy-pease? Well, we have also one thing less tasty (Coser y cantar).
  • When you become father, you’ll eat eggs: Listen to your parents. You don’t know but they are right in some way (Cuando seas padre, comerás huevos).
  • To put wood in the bonfire: You know those people who like to see the world burn? These people like to make worse a bad situation (Echar leña al fuego). They also Put lemon juice in wounds or Touch the wounds (Echar lemón a las heridas or Meter el dedo en la herida).
  • To talk with the elbows: Mouth is overrated. The most talkative people speak with their elbows (Hablar por los codos).
  • Going blind: Well, not exactly blind, but we drink and we turn really crazy. This is getting drunk (Ir ciego). We also have Going like a trunk or Going piripi or Going fart (Ir trompa or Ir piripi or Ir pedo).
  • To take the cat to the water: Something imposible, like taking the cat to the water. Congratulations! (Llevarse el gato al agua).
  • Bad weed never dies: Yes, bad people will always come more and more until something must change. These guys… (Mala hierva nunca muere).
  • To kill the worm: English has a repetitive song in the head, but our worm is called “starving”. Eat snacks and kill the worm (Matar el gusanillo).
  • To wet myself: It’s nothing dirty -this time-, but being the brave one to bet something important or get implicated in something (Mojarse).
  • I can’t translate this one: German speakers! This is for you! Do you use So lala? Then we have Ni fu ni fa. Literally, Neither fu or fa. We don’t go good (fu) and we don’t go bad (fa).
  • Don’t give your arm to bend: We like our arms the way they are. This means to let the things we as they are and being strict like a mountain. Parents don’t let their children go crazy and Spanish parents dont give their arms to bend (No dar el brazo a torcer).
  • We were a few so the grandma gave birth: People like to join everywhere. This means to take part in a really full event or group (Éramos pocos y parió la abuela).
  • To put dots over the i: Sit on the chair and let me be clear with you. This party-pooper means to let the things clear (Poner los puntos sobre las íes).
  • To take the chesnuts out of the fire: You see we are crazy, so someone must be the adult and save the people. This means that you save someone from his problems (Sacar las castañas del fuego).

Wow that was a lot. There are a really lot of more. You can search for more or you can ask if you liked this post! I hope you had fun with all these hilarious expressions. Remember this Al mal tiempo, buena cara or else: put your best face to the worst weather.

José M. Gómez

Type your novel

Now we now ourself, now we learn from courses, books and other cultural references; It is time to let our mind go. In this post, I will give you some tips to start to write. Writing is a creative way to use the computer and calm your mind. Yes, writing is a good exercise to balance your mind and emotions! Let’s go to the tips.


First of all, you must stablish what would you like to write. Some people start directly to the topic, because they had an idea. That’s perfect! But some others have difficulties to know how to focus on a direction or maybe they come up with no ideas. So this is a good start if you don’t have ideas. Also, knowing about the structure can help you to develop your story.

  • Poetry: Do you feel introvert or you have words to express your feelings and the beauty? Poetry is based on the music and the whole art essence. This genre gives you a lot of freedom and the creativity is really rewarded. Exactly, you can be abstract, classic or just what you want! There’s almost no rules in modern poetry. The two mains are prose (the most narrative) and verse (the short sentences we all know).
  • Theatre: Probably the most complicated structure but the easiest to read in my opinion. This genre takes a lot of realistic situations, so a common story or anecdote is the perfect theatre. Play with the enviroment and imagine that you would have to performance the plot. That can be hard or really easy. But here’s the difficult: theatre has a strong structure. First, we divide the story in “acts”; You can say, every important event is divided in acts. Then, the “stage directions” are the second most important thing in theatre; They are the actions and the enviroment, a guide to the reader to know what is going on. And finally and the most important to me, “dialogues”. There are theatre with no dialogues and theatre with no enviroment/actions, but this is the center of the interaction between characters. There are three basic stories: comedy (happy story with happy ending), drama (hard story with happy ending) and tragedy (hard story with hard ending).
  • Novel: The most famous of all! Some people believe that novels are the easiest way to write a story and the most favourite lecture. There are a lot of genres to write in novel: romantic, fantasy, Science Fiction, thriller, drama… There’s no limits! You just need to combine the story telling of the action, descriptions and dialogues. This is similar to the theatre, but longer and “more abstract”. This is literally that statement from the people: “Start writing something!”.


Now you know what genre do you want to try, it’s time to structure your idea. Even in poetry we follow a narrative! The classic is divided in “introduction” where we introduce the characters and the plot, the “heart” where the whole story happens, and the “ending” where everything is solved and come to an end. If you are used to or you want to try more models I give you three mores. The flashback structure is the same as the previous one, but we write shorts stories between the main story to explain the past; This is very common in films, isn’t it? The “In media res” is a weird sentence to write a we-start-in-the-middle-of-the-action novel. Then where is the introduction if we start from the heart? It can be next to explain how the characters ended up in the middle of the story, or it can be after the ending. This can give you a different opinion of what you felt with the ending and making it thrilling… And finally, the “in extremis” writing. You start literally from the end. Thus you have a reason to explain what happened or just the story before the main character is about to end the story. Confusing? Imagine to start a film where a hero is about to kill a dragon. Before the final cut, he tells the story until he finally cuts the head.


Yes, your story must have characters. Watch out! We didn’t say people. Your characters can also be animals like the fairy-tales or emotions/concepts like Inside Out. You need a protagonist (someone who moves the story) and antagonist (someone who has stablished the conflict). The protagonist can be a hero, a villain, an antihero between hero and villain… And the same for the antagonist. The synergy between these two create the perfect plot. You can see that Superman is the opposite to Lex Luthor, but you can also see that Iron-Man and Captain America in Civil War they were fighting besides they are two heroes.

Secondly, the are the side-characters or secondary characters. Here’s my first recommendation: even if they don’t look important to the story, good side-characters made a complete story. In essence, the side-characters focus on the minimun develop of the story and the relationship between the protagonist and the antagonist. Giving more importance to the side-character than the mains characters is a big mistake, be careful! They can be friends, slaves that obey the main character, masters to teach the characters… You can think in Han Solo from Star Wars, Mushu from Mulan or Gandalf from The Lord of the Rings.

Finally, there’s another sort of character: the third-character or the enviromental character. Literraly the extras in a film. They just give you the consecuences of the actions that the main and side characters did. They do not work on the story at all.

Extra things

These can be called the “context”. You must think in time: Is it irrelevant? If it is relevant, in which period of our human-history would you place it? Does it combine past and future? There are no correct answers. You can make a story without telling when takes on; You can make it in a right/hypothetical past or what you think the future can be if something happens; Or you can combine times: knights with guns, armoured troglodytes, romans cowboys…

Then place it in somewhere. It can happen in simple places like a house or really complex world that you imagined. This place can be realistic. For example, you want to make a story in Paris, in Austria or in Europe. The place can be fictional. This means that it is a place we all know, but you changed something. Did you imagine samurais in Africa? Mayans in Middle-Age in Europe? Austria is flat?! And finally, the place can be imagined. This means that you create lands, rivers, mountains, cultures, religions, economies, societies, languages… This is the most interesting and the most difficult. It takes time but you will enjoy if you like to imagine. Again, there’s no limits!!

Final tipps

Did you enjoyed? Do you have an idea now? Don’t worry, this is something that you must enjoy. Do not call it “work”. Use these 4 pilars to create something that you want the most. Feel free to write, because this is the most beautiful thing that you can make to your mind: imagine like a happy child. Finally, I give you some tricks that I tell you as a writer:

  • If you are new on this, try to be the most simple that you can.
  • Find a balance between a lot of descriptions and a lack of it. I find this really difficult.
  • Do not think that you must sell your novel.
  • If you want to publish, ask to a book publisher if they want a new novel before send it.
  • Don’t write to sell. You must be original.
  • Book publishers read a random chapter, but current readers just the first one so this must have almost everything: characters, plot problem and an appealing action.
  • The synergy between protagonist and antagonist will save the worst story.
  • Read about the topic and the genre before writing. Previous books will give you an idea of how they develop or structure the story, the context and the characters.
  • This takes time, take it easy.

I hope this was useful for you. Now it is your time to create and to forget all your fears. Never stop if you find an idea!

José M. Gómez

Self-definition or introspective hypnosis

Do you know yourself? Can you define yourself? It will surprise you that it is actually hard or imposible for some people. Most of the people need someone that give themselves adjectives. Why? Insecurity? An unnecessary stuff? A waste of time? A weird and strange proposition? Hear what you may sound… If you are not defined, you are the same as a doll. Then these mental exercises might help you. Unless you have a powerful mind, I suggest you to have someone you trust to guide you.

The Exercise of the Air

This is the most important exercise because it is the basic for the following exercises. Why? Because it is as simple as breathing. Literally, it is breathing. Find a place where you can lie. Take your time to pose confortly and find your best position. Your chest and lungs must be wide open. The guide can give you now the next steps. Once you find the position, keep your eyes closed and start with slow and deeps breaths. Focus just on how the air enters into your nose and goes away through your mouth. Take five or ten breaths. The next five (or ten) will be the same… but you can fell how air enters into your nose, cross yourself until your lungs and they go away once more through you mouth. Take five (or ten) more last and feel how the air enters into your lungs, how the air gives a warm energy to your whole body, how the air moves the stream of your blood, and how the air feed the cells that make you feel, until it goes away through your mouth.

Your body is now ready thanks to the power of the air. Now, your mind must be also powered by it. Continue with the deep breaths. And just now think on a white spot. Make the spot turns liquid. Take your time, it is just a white spot. Make it flexible, liquid, a weak mass… Now the spot grows up, it expands itself. It crumbles? Is it a bigger circle? It makes a spiderweb? It fulls your mind? Give it the shape that your mind says to you and let it cover all in white. Slowly, take your time… Once there’s only white on your mind, try to make the colour more and more white. The most you can. Slowly, take your time… When you reach your perfect white, this full white mind will reduce now. Make it smaller little by little until it returns to the same white spot. Now your mind connected to the air and to your body.

The story line

Our next exercise would help you to define yourself. How? You will be born again and you will grow up. Start making the Exercise of the Air as we did before. Once you are relaxed and you reach the white spot, small again, you will have forgotten everythink. Then make yourself this question: what is my name? Say your full name. The most powerful minds can create this situation as the animal that represents yourself the most or the animal you like the most. If you are not, it is you, and no other. Start counting your years… and for every year, you have to say what did you feel, or what did you learn, or what did you wish. You don’t remember your first? You were born! You don’t remember your second? You started to crawl and walk! You don’t remember your third? You started to speak!

Do every year what you remember of it like it was a film. Pronounce the year and what is in. In your mind there is your animal doing what you said or yourself doing it. It can be a negative thing… but stay calm, these are memories; It can be a positive thing… but stay calm, these are memories. Continue until you reach the present. With the eyes still closed, try to say what your protagonist wished, what he/she felt, what he/she did… This is your past and what you learnt is your future. Then you have the events that made yourself and your goals that also made yourself. The combination of this past and this future is your present… is you.


This is specialised for people in stressing situation. It will help you to balance your thoughts and recover the control or your sense. The people who has mental awarness must have a guide that helps them.

Make the Exercise of the Air until your mind is connected to the air and there’s only a simple white spot in your mind. The next deep breath will turn this spot in one colour. I don’t recommend black, yellow or red (normally, these colours have a negative impact on people without powerful mind, but you have your colours). Don’t try to think on one specific colour. Let the colour shows itself. Once your fist colour shows, give it a shape. Is it an item you remember? Is it a landscape? Is it a person? Feel it and pronounce what it makes you feel and what you do with it. Take your time, this shapes are guides… Continue with more colours if you want to visit more sensations or visit a more pleasant colour. Once you find the colour it makes you feel better, let that sensation cover yourself. You are in a free space where you and what you see is the most important thing. You are free to talk to what you see, you are free to do whatever you want to what you see, or you can even do nothing with what you see… It is your time free with the sensation that the colour shaped.

Once you feel to finish, say goodbye to what you see the way you like the most: a huge, a kiss, or just a silent wave. You maybe feel happy, joyfull, sad, relaxed or you just felt a revelation, but everything was on your mind and you felt free in that moment. No one will judge you because you are living in this present and whatever happened before, it is only the past of what we learn.

The MBTI test

The Myers-Briggs is a personallity test where you can answer simple questions about what you like the most in an agree or disagree situation. Once you finish the test, the result will be an archetype of your personal being.

This archetypes are divided into Analysts (iNtuitive and Thinking people), Diplomats (iNtuitive and Feeling people), Sentinels (obServant and Judging people) and Explorers (obServant and Prospective people). In addition, you have Introvert or Extrovert. Once you do, you will be defined by a code that expand this definition. For example, my archetype is a Protagonist and my code is ENFJ, plus he type of Protagonist that I am: Turbulent. So my final code is ENFJ-T.

This may sound complicated but the link I share to you is a really easy web page where you can have everything in a expand and clear version of what I showed to you.

The Test of the Water

Do you know that the water has memory? And do you know that the water can influence on ourselves as the Air? The last exercise I give is a simple test. Why simple? Because you just need to drink a glass of water. You can make it on group or alone. You just need a glass with water in front of you.

First, sit down and make the exercise of the Air. Don’t forget to take the best position to you! Once you focus on yourself with the eyes closed and not in the enviroment, take slowly the glass of water and drink. Leave it in front of you again and take again your time to return to your most confortable position. Recover the focus and get back to the place where there’s only you and a glass or water. Drink as before, leave the glass in front of you and breath slowly. You can open your eyes now. Simple, huh? The next part is an introspective question that you must think of what you thought during this exercise according with the time:

  • Past: Was I thinking on the process? Was I thinking on what I did before? Was I even thinking of what I did today before to start this? If this resumes what you were doing during the process, you were living on the past. It is important to learn from the past, but is already over and that won’t return. People must change and don’t live in the future.
  • Future: Did I think on what was the next step? Did I think what is the purpose of the exam? Did I think what to say at the end? Did I think what you will have to do after this session? If these questions look similar to what you were thinking, you are living on the future. The future must be bright and we have always to reach a shiny future. However, we cannot wait until it comes to us or get obsessed to reach the future, because we would be living in a future. When you live in a future, your present is the nothing.
  • Present: Did I feel the cold of the glass when I touched it? Did I tested how hard was the glass with my lips? Did I taste the water? Did I feel the water enter into my body? If you did this by that moment, you are living in a present.

The present is the most important to you to live. You can learn from the past and you can see at the future, but always remember that you must live on your present. A balanced mind is a mind that lives on a present. Imagine yourself. Your feet and head aim to your in front, to the future… Your head has memories and your feet feel the tiredness of walking, the memories from the past… But the fact is that YOU are walking. You are conscious of the direction of your walk, and you are conscious of the path you walked. This consciousness of what you do and what you will do in a balanced way is the moment that you are living on. Enjoy this present, feel the emotion you need right now, and open yourself to the world and the people that walk with you.

José M. Gómez

When life closes, open Internet!

Do you remember when we spoke about how life can continue in your garden? What do you say if I tell you that there’s a bigger world to discover in your computer or smartphone? Check this!

Smartphones are even more powerful than some laptos

Maybe you will find yourself stressed in this very lost and vast world. Just stay calm! This are some advices for you and your online navigation. First of all, you have to understand that Internet is so big and you have to be clear of what do you want exactly. So why don’t we start giving you some websites that you might be interested on?

Are you in your home without read, study or just concerning about how to still learning? Internet brings you the posibility to study with online courses. SOME OF THEM ARE FREE! In addition, you can obtein certificates, statements or any other document of participation. Here there are some of them for you to explore:

If you are not fulfilled with this massive amount of knowledge, I show you a recommended list of cultivated websites for cultivated people. These websites bring you the posibility to discover art pieces in virtual museums, streaming performances or even books online. Once again, all for your confort.

  • UNESCO opened a global library in this crisis to learn more with documents of libraries of the whole globe.
Start now and turn into a new one from your home!

These are some examples of what you can do. Thanks to this websites I started a Digital Marketing course from Google and I finished a Creative writing and critical reading course by The Open University, so I have more skills to work at home while I’m learning. My ambition doesn’t stop there and we always have to learn!

There is plenty of websites that I didn’t mention before just waiting for you. These are just samples of the whole capacity in Internet, but it’s a huge world as I said before. Take this time to discover them and to learn something new of your interest.

José M. Gómez

Gardening in virus season?

Probably, you think about what to do in a long period indoors. But not everything must be indoors! Some of you may have a garden, so guys you have time enough to work on your personal garden!

During these days, I have been working on my garden. As you can see, no one touched the garden in months! Of course we thought in October that snow and cold would clean the garden by winter. That was far from true… After even February, the grass was still growing! Our timetables and the lack of tools made us procrastinate and letting the garden issue apart. Suddlenly, the virus came and we had to make quarantine. I had no doubt of it, I said “I have to clean this garden by once!”. All the labour started under a beautiful shining-sun.

You can see no one helped in a long time
Still, the process was painful and my hand got injured. It was the first time a make this sort of work.

The labour was hard! There were so many grass between and under the flagstone. I took the globes and a plastic bag. I was willing to clean up everything as far as I can! However, the sun is strong and the grass too. So we planned a different goal: we need a courtyard. Why? There was a shining sun and fresh air. I addmit also that we were lazy enough and we didn’t want to make everything in one day. But this also was a good idea to take the sun and enjoy the atmosphere with chilling mornings under the light.

Finally, we managed to clean up a big area. The flagstone was cleaned enough, the leaves were put into the rubbish and all the insects got far enough from us. Thus, we finished! We just needed now to use the wood as chairs and then put a table on the center. Do you want to see how ended up?

YES! We had a marvelous lunch under the sun outside.

You may have no garden? Well, gardening is not only clean a courtyard and remove bugs. You can have flowers in a window or you can try to plant vegetables in a small pot! I invite you to visit different web pages to guide you or giving you more ideas. Internet is big! And now you have no excuses to finish your job or getting bored at home. Do your best in this troublesome season!

Of course, try not to lose your mind!

José M. Gómez