Self-definition or introspective hypnosis

Do you know yourself? Can you define yourself? It will surprise you that it is actually hard or imposible for some people. Most of the people need someone that give themselves adjectives. Why? Insecurity? An unnecessary stuff? A waste of time? A weird and strange proposition? Hear what you may sound… If you are not defined, you are the same as a doll. Then these mental exercises might help you. Unless you have a powerful mind, I suggest you to have someone you trust to guide you.

The Exercise of the Air

This is the most important exercise because it is the basic for the following exercises. Why? Because it is as simple as breathing. Literally, it is breathing. Find a place where you can lie. Take your time to pose confortly and find your best position. Your chest and lungs must be wide open. The guide can give you now the next steps. Once you find the position, keep your eyes closed and start with slow and deeps breaths. Focus just on how the air enters into your nose and goes away through your mouth. Take five or ten breaths. The next five (or ten) will be the same… but you can fell how air enters into your nose, cross yourself until your lungs and they go away once more through you mouth. Take five (or ten) more last and feel how the air enters into your lungs, how the air gives a warm energy to your whole body, how the air moves the stream of your blood, and how the air feed the cells that make you feel, until it goes away through your mouth.

Your body is now ready thanks to the power of the air. Now, your mind must be also powered by it. Continue with the deep breaths. And just now think on a white spot. Make the spot turns liquid. Take your time, it is just a white spot. Make it flexible, liquid, a weak mass… Now the spot grows up, it expands itself. It crumbles? Is it a bigger circle? It makes a spiderweb? It fulls your mind? Give it the shape that your mind says to you and let it cover all in white. Slowly, take your time… Once there’s only white on your mind, try to make the colour more and more white. The most you can. Slowly, take your time… When you reach your perfect white, this full white mind will reduce now. Make it smaller little by little until it returns to the same white spot. Now your mind connected to the air and to your body.

The story line

Our next exercise would help you to define yourself. How? You will be born again and you will grow up. Start making the Exercise of the Air as we did before. Once you are relaxed and you reach the white spot, small again, you will have forgotten everythink. Then make yourself this question: what is my name? Say your full name. The most powerful minds can create this situation as the animal that represents yourself the most or the animal you like the most. If you are not, it is you, and no other. Start counting your years… and for every year, you have to say what did you feel, or what did you learn, or what did you wish. You don’t remember your first? You were born! You don’t remember your second? You started to crawl and walk! You don’t remember your third? You started to speak!

Do every year what you remember of it like it was a film. Pronounce the year and what is in. In your mind there is your animal doing what you said or yourself doing it. It can be a negative thing… but stay calm, these are memories; It can be a positive thing… but stay calm, these are memories. Continue until you reach the present. With the eyes still closed, try to say what your protagonist wished, what he/she felt, what he/she did… This is your past and what you learnt is your future. Then you have the events that made yourself and your goals that also made yourself. The combination of this past and this future is your present… is you.


This is specialised for people in stressing situation. It will help you to balance your thoughts and recover the control or your sense. The people who has mental awarness must have a guide that helps them.

Make the Exercise of the Air until your mind is connected to the air and there’s only a simple white spot in your mind. The next deep breath will turn this spot in one colour. I don’t recommend black, yellow or red (normally, these colours have a negative impact on people without powerful mind, but you have your colours). Don’t try to think on one specific colour. Let the colour shows itself. Once your fist colour shows, give it a shape. Is it an item you remember? Is it a landscape? Is it a person? Feel it and pronounce what it makes you feel and what you do with it. Take your time, this shapes are guides… Continue with more colours if you want to visit more sensations or visit a more pleasant colour. Once you find the colour it makes you feel better, let that sensation cover yourself. You are in a free space where you and what you see is the most important thing. You are free to talk to what you see, you are free to do whatever you want to what you see, or you can even do nothing with what you see… It is your time free with the sensation that the colour shaped.

Once you feel to finish, say goodbye to what you see the way you like the most: a huge, a kiss, or just a silent wave. You maybe feel happy, joyfull, sad, relaxed or you just felt a revelation, but everything was on your mind and you felt free in that moment. No one will judge you because you are living in this present and whatever happened before, it is only the past of what we learn.

The MBTI test

The Myers-Briggs is a personallity test where you can answer simple questions about what you like the most in an agree or disagree situation. Once you finish the test, the result will be an archetype of your personal being.

This archetypes are divided into Analysts (iNtuitive and Thinking people), Diplomats (iNtuitive and Feeling people), Sentinels (obServant and Judging people) and Explorers (obServant and Prospective people). In addition, you have Introvert or Extrovert. Once you do, you will be defined by a code that expand this definition. For example, my archetype is a Protagonist and my code is ENFJ, plus he type of Protagonist that I am: Turbulent. So my final code is ENFJ-T.

This may sound complicated but the link I share to you is a really easy web page where you can have everything in a expand and clear version of what I showed to you.

The Test of the Water

Do you know that the water has memory? And do you know that the water can influence on ourselves as the Air? The last exercise I give is a simple test. Why simple? Because you just need to drink a glass of water. You can make it on group or alone. You just need a glass with water in front of you.

First, sit down and make the exercise of the Air. Don’t forget to take the best position to you! Once you focus on yourself with the eyes closed and not in the enviroment, take slowly the glass of water and drink. Leave it in front of you again and take again your time to return to your most confortable position. Recover the focus and get back to the place where there’s only you and a glass or water. Drink as before, leave the glass in front of you and breath slowly. You can open your eyes now. Simple, huh? The next part is an introspective question that you must think of what you thought during this exercise according with the time:

  • Past: Was I thinking on the process? Was I thinking on what I did before? Was I even thinking of what I did today before to start this? If this resumes what you were doing during the process, you were living on the past. It is important to learn from the past, but is already over and that won’t return. People must change and don’t live in the future.
  • Future: Did I think on what was the next step? Did I think what is the purpose of the exam? Did I think what to say at the end? Did I think what you will have to do after this session? If these questions look similar to what you were thinking, you are living on the future. The future must be bright and we have always to reach a shiny future. However, we cannot wait until it comes to us or get obsessed to reach the future, because we would be living in a future. When you live in a future, your present is the nothing.
  • Present: Did I feel the cold of the glass when I touched it? Did I tested how hard was the glass with my lips? Did I taste the water? Did I feel the water enter into my body? If you did this by that moment, you are living in a present.

The present is the most important to you to live. You can learn from the past and you can see at the future, but always remember that you must live on your present. A balanced mind is a mind that lives on a present. Imagine yourself. Your feet and head aim to your in front, to the future… Your head has memories and your feet feel the tiredness of walking, the memories from the past… But the fact is that YOU are walking. You are conscious of the direction of your walk, and you are conscious of the path you walked. This consciousness of what you do and what you will do in a balanced way is the moment that you are living on. Enjoy this present, feel the emotion you need right now, and open yourself to the world and the people that walk with you.

José M. Gómez

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