Write your own story

„We are all stories in the end, just make it a good one.” Matt Smith in Doctor Who

I couldn´t agree more with this quote. I believe every person is like a book, full of stories. Some people are open and easy to read, others are closed and hard to reach, however, everyone has their own story. My project in YUNIT Youth Centre is full of interesting young people and I am excited to learn about their history. Now, I am only starting to write the chapter of my life with the title Volunteering in Schwaz.

The decision to be a volunteer was easy for me but it was a surprise for my family and friends. I´ve been asked how I am going to put all my life into one suitcase, but in reality, I didn´t have to do that. Yes, I came here with one suitcase but that doesn´t mean that I can fit my life into it. Life isn´t about what we owe but what we do and with whom.

And I am very grateful that a team of lovely people was awaiting me here. Although, I know them only for two months now, I have already experienced they kindness and goodness on myself or as a witness when the youngsters needed help.

What is it like to be a volunteer? Well, life is always what you make of it. Especially, if you are a volunteer. You have time to develop yourself, help others, discover new country and it´s culture and history, learn a new language, and also, to travel around. I am grateful that I can do all these things here in Austria. I felt in love with the nature here immediately. I am using my free time to visit the hidden paths and see the beauty of the mountains, as well as the vivid cities and rich culture of Austria. And during my working hours I am challenging my creativity by preparing and creating various activities with the youngsters. My favourites are baking, painting, crafting, playing billiard and most importantly talking to them and learning about them.

I am happy to be here and excited to write a new chapter of my life in this charming place surrounded with such amazing people.

Thank you for reading, Maria.