To a new journey

Hello, my name is Demet and I am doing my volunteering project in Wörgl.

The most important reasons for me to participate in this project were to gain new experiences and improve my German. I have already begun to see the effect of this decision I have taken for my future. My self-confidence has increased when speaking German, I am getting better when I try to explain something. At the end of my project here, I want to contribute to myself, the people I spend time with, and my future, and I hope I can achieve this.

I just completed my 1st month in Austria. It was a full month that I did not even understand how it went. I work voluntarily on many projects run by Komm!unity. I spend my time with young people and children at Jugendtreffs in Wörgl, Kundl and Bad Häring. I also help immigrant women learn German in the project called Frauencafe. And at Lernfreude events held in Jugendtreffs, we doing with children their Homeworks and support their education. I’m always on the move and I’m always on different projects in different places. I think this is one of the most important things in my life here. It’s like I’m living a different adventure every day.

I live alone in a very nice flat with a very nice garden. I guess the only thing that compels me so far (after the Tyrolean accent, of course) is living alone at home. And because Wörgl is a small place, I can’t get along with many young people, but I think I will meet many young people in time.

My garden wiew

And at the end of the second week I came, I attended the on arrival training in Vienna. We spent 4 incredibly enjoyable and entertaining days. I had the opportunity to meet and mingle with people from many different countries. It was a great training where we cooked and had fun together, went to have a drink in the evenings and danced and got close quickly in 4 days. I look forward to meeting them again!

We are making dessert for dinner with my team
Last day of the training and we are writing little notes to each other.

And even though I’m only at the end of my 1 month here, I’ve done a lot of things. I walked on a bridge 114 meters above the ground, climbed a mountain and visited many museums. I have 11 more months ahead of me and I get excited when I think about what will happen to me and what I will experience during this time. I already feel that participating in this project and coming to Austria is the greatest decision of my life.

Eheberg Brücke with other volunteers
swarovski museeum
Stubaital Mountains