Your best life is waiting for you!

My name is Maria Castillo, I am 26 years old and I come from Spain. For the last six months I have been a volunteer at the SCHULGARTEN – Aktive Montessorischule Telfs and now, as I prepare my return to Spain I can only think that this opportunity has opened the door to my best life.

My first day in Innsbruck, January 2022

When I came to this volunteering I was already contemplating Montessori education as part of my future and after this experience it is clear to me that this is the path I want to follow.

One of the classrooms in the school

The school is small and has a very friendly and welcoming atmosphere, I have felt loved and I have learnt a lot since the first day. My tasks have been to support teachers, work with the children in daily activities, create my own presentations or come up with ideas for creative activities.

Telfs is a small town near Innsbruck, I have loved living here. It’s a super quiet place with amazing nature, having the possibility to walk in the mountains or in the river valley every day has been the best thing.

Sunset in Telfs, February 2022

Volunteering with the European Solidarity Corps is an incredible experience that all young people should consider. The opportunity to travel, to meet new people, to take on new projects is definitely a journey of personal growth and an unforgettable life experience.

Festival with the volunteers, Guillame, Tomás and María,  May 2022

Volunteering experiences are not the same and you can approach your volunteering experience in very different ways. Mine has definitely been about personal growth, working on myself and creating the life I want to have.

Blindsee hiking day, May 2022

I am grateful for the time in Austria, for the project I have worked on and for the people I have met.

This volunteering has become an experience I will never forget.


My name is Roc, I am from Barcelona and I did my Volunteer program in Innsbruck during one year. In this post I will show you how the strangest year in our lives looks through my camera. I will show the feeling I was having from the start until the end of my year. I was working in a culture center called Die Bäckerei Kulturbackstube as a Graphic Designer and helping in the events and maintenance of the building. Working in this place gave me freedom to express myself and develop my design skills, but most important the freedom I had to create memories of a weird year with lots of up and downs.

When I arrived to Innsbruck I had the chance to discover the city and create a group of friends. I had the opportunity to work hard and meet new people, time to party and visit the beautiful surroundings of the city.

After few incredible months, the lockdown started and everything became more difficult. Less work, less friends meetings and less visits to the mountains. At this point my creativity went down together with my emotions. The best way to show it is with black and white photos from the few I could take during those days.

Finally, after those bad months of some darkness, with new regulations and positive development of the pandemic, I started seeing some light and feeling positive again, working in some motivating projects and looking for my future, being creative again.