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It is your choice and your attitude that determines your life.

You live (in) the story you tell yourself. You make assumptions and you agree or disagree with the information you find. You trust. Or maybe you trust something else?

Who are you when you take away your name and address? When you take away your profession? What exactly is that which you call “I”? And who is it that is aware of this calling of the “I”?

You are reading this sentence now, but who is aware of this process of reading? Who would you ask to find out whether you are really reading this or not?

These questions are not supposed to make you go into deep philosophy. Unless that is what you enjoy. The answers to these questions may be more simple than it seems. However, the answers may not shape themselves in words…


Do you, perhaps, feel uncomfortable being happy around someone who is sad? Do you feel like it is inappropriate or offensive, for example, to be happy when someone next to you is sad or angry? You may argue that being happy when they are sad shows that you don’t understand how they feel. Well, isn’t it so that you can understand perfectly well how they feel, and let them know by saying: “I feel that you are sad”, and at the same time remain happy on your end? Oh, never mind, go ahead and be sad together with them, or be angry, or whatever you feel like feeling, it’s up to you.

The point of what I’m saying is – make your own decisions of how you prefer to look at life, how you prefer to interpret things and how you prefer to feel, how you prefer to think and what you prefer to believe. It is your life that you are living after all, nobody else is living your life, only you.

  • Being happy is a habit.
  • Attitude determines fortune/misfortune.
  • You are always already present.
  • You are always already free.
  • No circumstances have ever affected that inside you which is unchanging.
  • What you believe, that you will see.
  • You are always experiencing your beliefs and nothing else.

Why consider any of the statements above? Maybe they are not true?
Exactly! Maybe they are not true.
I encourage you to find out for yourself if they are true or not.
Have you taken long enough time to find out? How do you know? Do you believe so?

Maybe these statements don’t help you in anyway.
But maybe something of what I’ve written here will open some interesting thoughts for you that may lead to something beautiful and meaningful. I sure wish that is the case.

So this is how it is. All of what’s written here has no power by itself, and yet it has all the power – the power of your choice. Do whatever you choose to do with it.

It is pure information. Add your own title!

Thank you for reading. Have a wonderful week!


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