Sports and exercises you can do at home

In the quarantine time, leaving home is strictly cut down to a necessity. I can work from my newly set up office corner at home. I go grocery shopping only once or twice per week. The regular trainings in my sports club and yoga studio are cancelled for some time. So I really need to think about, how not to turn into a couch potato. XD Also, our bodies need movement and exercise in order to stay healthy.

A lot of people are now moving less than they did just a week or two weeks ago. The Tyrolean government encourages people do go outside of their homes as seldom as possible. When walking outside is not strictly prohibited, going hiking to the mountains is forbidden, in order to minimize the risk of accidents and let the rescue workers concentrate on the current crisis. I think that seeing mountains only from the distance, yet so near, is especially hard for the nature loving sporty people among us. Just the other day I saw a meme posted by Österreichischer Alpenverein, that must describe the feelings of many in this time. But we stay at home and dream about the time when the crisis is over. Meanwhile, we can find alternative activities.

In our video-meeting with the volunteers in Tyrolean youth centers we discussed, how everybody is keeping active and fit in their own four walls. Some people have already established a quarantine routine of some sort, for others it is more chaotic or simply a feeling of doing nothing at all. Nevertheless, everybody could share some activities and training exercises they do at home or near to it. Some are lucky to have a balcony or a small garden, to enjoy fresh air and sun privately. One volunteer even has a whole football field in front of the apartment, that he can use for his cardio training in the mornings. But apart from our living conditions, it is rather the way we look at life and the appreciation for what we have, that affects our spirit. One volunteer, for example, doesn’t let himself be pulled down by the restrictions and has his running circuit in the apartment.

Here you can find links to sportive activities and workout routines. This is a collection of resources in the internet that is put together of all the things mentioned by the volunteers and project coordinators in our video meeting:

Have fun and keep moving!

– Kadri –

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