Did you know?

In Latvia there is a tradition every spring to collect and drink the juice of a birch tree.

It is naturally abundant in the tree at this time of year, and the tree is happy to nurture us with a lot of vitamins and minerals.

The birch sap tastes almost like water when it is fresh, and it gets more sour after some time, but still good and drinkable.

I have enjoyed this wonder of Nature since I was little. I remember helping my dad drill the holes in trees and set up the containers.

Another tree to get a very tasty and good juice from is the maple tree.

Apparently the people in Austria don’t take juices from trees, but that’s OK, they have other wonders – like the Apfelstrudel, for example!

Latvian Birch Sap – Time For Latvia
Extraction of the birch sap.


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