This Sunday … is Pasta, … Pesto Pasta!

This recipe I just mixed up with the ingredients I have in my kitchen, and … tried this with lentils pasta, which is healthier and has lots of proteins … so good for after working out!

When I am creative while cooking, I dont use any specific measurements, I just mix everything how it feels right and of course I give a try on the taste.

You can try it too, and see what recipes you can create! And perhaps to share with it others! Good luck!

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On this Sunday … have a faith from spring!

Nice sunny weathers have given us chance to get out (even if its a bit) and to enjoy the sun and fresh spring feeling. This will be very refreshing and game changer, if:

you enjoy at the moment
letting sun to pet your face
giving your ears a melody from birds
feeling the warmness and freshness in the air

Fresh(er) you and fresh(er) ideas! This means, you are now loaded with inspiration… inspiration to create a hope .. for yourself .. or for the whole world!?

Keep creating and share the inspiration!

#have #a #faith #in #2020

Enjoy this Sunday with … some music!

 In we can find marvelous music tastes for everyone! Just search!
Today, in Hall in Tirol, is really    and warm, which is giving me summer vibes

what I could share with you through music:

And if you feel you want to dance through that  – do it!
Giving you good mood and nice smile is worth it, don´t you think!? 😉

Remember: music heals!

#enjoy #music #and #dance #through #2020

Refresh yourself on these times with fresh food!

To feel more energized, balanced and healthier in physical, emotional and mental body, adding more fresh food in the diet, is the key  

Easy solution would be to eat more fruit and veggies, since we need more vitamin C, D (supplement or sunbath) and iron to have our immune system strong(er).

Remember: you are the apple now that keeps doctor away everyday!

For example, when having breakfast – like oatmeal – spice it up with different berries, seeds, nuts, ground linseeds, nut butters & just be creative    

Oatmeal with different berries and nuts can make breakfast more enjoyable (vegan)

When its time for lunch, it is suggested to eat the day heaviest meal. But if you feel now to eat something lighter.. what about avocado salad? Also its good to enjoy it as a dinner! 😉

Simple salad idea for lunch or dinner with protein and vitamins! (vegan)

I hope this has given you some inspiration. And no need to worry if you have zero ideas at the moment. We are lucky, we have

There are so many awesome and tasty recipes waiting for you to try them out!

Here are some of my favourite food blogs:

The more you experiment, the more creative you become while preparing meals!
Give yourself a try!

Also, do not forgot: whether you are eating vegan, vegetarian or omnivore diet – make sure you get the all the nutrients!

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