Let’s dive into Twitter

So we’ve been locked up in our homes for almost two weeks. Some have managed to find an occupation, a routine to keep them entertained, others have even managed to provide content that wouldn’t not been possible otherwise (I think of all the amateur videos and photos that we see spreading on the net right now, produced by people who are bored at home for people who are bored at home).
In my point of view, and as a relentless user of twitter, I could observe a drastic increase of meme or amazing content on this platform. I find that is preferable for us to be able to detach oneself from the actual situation through humor or entertainment.
This is why I offer you today a small tweet compilation on the CoronaLockdown

A perfect example of the creative videos I mentioned in the introduction (and a jojo reference as bonus)
How I imagine those who still organize outings
One of the best quote from one of my favorite characters… interesting
Tips and tricks from the hand sanitizer crisis
Pretty accurate
Some things never change

Annnnnnnd it’s time for the french twitter to shine (dont worry, every tweet caption will have a translation right below)

“When someone starts to cough weirdly on the bus”
“Tobacco is count as one of the “essential businesses” with pharmacy, bank and food, i laugh so hard. We’re so f****** French, they were on the verge of putting wine merchants in this group”
“Everyone : Only 100 days before the UEFA Euro 2020
The Coronavirus :

As a true football fan, the last one still hurting.

Simon LD