Quiet Monday


Monday is usually busy and crowded.
Not this time.
Everybody keeps themselves at home.
Strange madness.
Wind blows through the streets of the quiet town.
Wind is the ruler now.

I walked along the empty fields that farmers prepare for sowing.
They must.
They know that each day still counts.
Blue birds fly north.
Over the mountain, church men sing parodies of luck.
The future is here.


Now, here is a video I took in the Inntal Center today at noon.
Only a couple of shops were open.

As I walked back home I stumbled upon a puzzle piece. Literally. Then after a few steps forward there were two more puzzle pieces laying on the ground. I guess many more will be found in order to make sense of what is going on. We’re on our way.

Puzzle Pieces

I wish you all find your puzzle pieces and put them together to make a wonderful, happy picture!