Let’s dive into Instagram

Maybe I should officially start a series with the theme “let’s dive into” on each of the social networks?
Anyway, here we are again for a new post on what I like on Instagram. There are obviously far too many content and people that I enjoy following on this social network, but I have tried to select 5 accounts that everyone can potentially appreciate, and even be inspired to also be able to produce content on Instagram. We begin ?

One of my favorites. This French guy (cocorico) likes above all to be able to nestle and climb in unusual places or places that seem out of reach. We add to this sporting performance a certain sense of aesthetics and we end up with this incredible type of account. Impressive.

An account all in optical illusion and overlay. Or simply the art of being able to transform the whole meaning of a photo with a bit of creativity.
An account producing and grouping meme as there are many on Instagram. But the particularity of this one is to offer an astonishing mixture of French and English in each of its captions. The result is, in any case for a French speaker, simply hilarious.
For this one, the concept is to have none. Whenever I see the name of this account appear in my newsfeed, I know in advance that it is impossible to predict what will happen (and that is all its interest).
Last but not least : wtffunfacts. I think this is one of those accounts that can be summed up by their title, quite simply. A concentrate of astonishment and fun.


A genius. Probably the most inspiring man I have ever known. You must follow him as soon as possible.

Simon LD.