Let’s dive into Angers

Ahaha! You expected me to do a “let’s dive into Reddit” or even a “let’s dive into Linkedin” right? (Well, I don’t exclude making these ideas later, but that’s not the point today)

This week, I caught myself thinking about my french hometown, Angers, and what it meant to me. In these troubled and sometimes lonely times, it is sometimes essential to go back to basics, to what defines us and who built us. Among these elements, the city where I lived has a very important place in my heart. For its culture, its diversity, but also its beauty. Of course, any English speaker will bring the name of Angers closer to that of the word “anger”: it is nevertheless the least present feeling in me when I think of it. If it is impossible for me to present it entirely to you via a blog article, I will nevertheless try to pay tribute to it through a few images of monuments or inseparable places in this city. Let’s go.

Angers Castle

One of the best known and most representative buildings in Angers. A whole historic complex located in the center of the city, which further accentuates this feeling of border between the old and the new, which symbolizes the city in general.

Saint-Maurice Cathedral

This cathedral is a testament to Angevin Gothic art. From the bottom of the Saint-Maurice steps, admire its façade. A must.

Adam’s House

The oldest house in the city. This half-timbered house will amaze you.

Ralliement Place

This aptly named place (“Ralliement” meaning gathering in English) is the nerve center of Angers. Beyond its theater and cafes, many events are organized there, whatever the season.

The Mail Garden

One of the best place to walk around on spring times.

The borders of the Maine

The advantage of living in a city cut in half by a river is that it offers you landscapes and multiple development opportunities. It is very pleasant to walk there in hot weather.


A video produced by a resident of the city. It is emphasized on the surrounding landscapes of the city, which are almost as important as the city itself. Enjoy.

Simon LD