Coronavirus winners

Yes, well I know that it is not necessarily the most appropriate title but it sums up a thought that came to my mind today.
Over a month that we are now confining, condemn to see the same people indefinitely (for the lucky ones who are confined with someone). It is only natural that we turned to digital entertainment. Let’s start with the streaming plateforms

Big opponent of traditional TV, these are characterized by big emblematic names such as Netflix, Amazon Prime or even more recently Disney +. Even if I am not personally a customer, I wanted, as a digital media enthusiast, to take an interest in the increase in views on these platforms in these times of lockdown, and it confirmed my opinion:
The action of the largest platform, Netflix, has seen an increase of almost 40%. Even if this trend is only ephemeral and caused by the lockdown, it is almost sure that it will have a lasting impact on the figures of the platform, already well above its direct competitors. The causes of the continuity of this trend: the laziness of new subscribers to take the initiative to unsubscribe after the lockdown, or simply the part of the audience which discovered and was conquered by Netflix during this period. We do not yet know the exact increase in the number of new subscribers (The platform having the habit of not revealing them until mid-end of the month), but it is sure that Netflix, which had 110 million subscribers per month of Mars, take advantage of this situation.

In another area, we can also talk about the great evolution of Zoom, the web conferencing company. More professional than Skype and simplier and more accessible to use than her other opponent, it also knew how to take advantage of the situation which forced the majority of companies to make their employees work from home. There is indeed, in one month, an increase of 40.75% (98.5 € on March 16 against 138.5 € on April 16). Again, I remain convinced that the evolution of this society will not be just a fad: indeed, with the lockdown, many companies have discovered and seen the benefits of working from home for their employees. I would not be surprised if some of them decide to keep, or at least partially incorporate, this type of work into their habits. To be continued then.

Finally, and to finish on a subject a little closer to my interests, we can talk about the incredible and worthy timing of Animal Crossing New Horizon, one of the last games produced by Nintendo.
Indeed, this game saw his European release date (March 20) roughly coincide with the confinement of the majority of the countries of this same continent. And this made itself impact on the ranking: it rose directly to the top of the games sold, ahead of Doom Eternals, Call of Duty or even Fifa 20. A real success so, but what are the causes?
For me, it is quite simply : his concept. A game in which it is possible to develop your virtual island by means of quests and interactions with virtual characters or even real people. He therefore had the perfect characteristics to peform during this period: the cocooning and exotic aspect of our virtual island, to counter the monotony of our apartment; his social dimension which allows many friends to progress together in the game and therefore to be able to continue talking during this lockdown period; the nostalgia side also: the majority of the former players of the last edition of this saga, Animal Crossing New Leaf, now having the age to be able to buy themselves the edition of the game and to offer themselve a bit of nostalgia ; and finally the very”all public” aspect, specific to the Japanese firm, and which had much ease to conquer this new player audience (let’s call them “players of Lockdown”) than a Doom Eternals, bloody and violent game or even than a Fifa, more focused on male players)
All these parameters leading to domination of the last Nintendo game, and for several more months in my opinion.

Simon LD

Let’s dive into Angers

Ahaha! You expected me to do a “let’s dive into Reddit” or even a “let’s dive into Linkedin” right? (Well, I don’t exclude making these ideas later, but that’s not the point today)

This week, I caught myself thinking about my french hometown, Angers, and what it meant to me. In these troubled and sometimes lonely times, it is sometimes essential to go back to basics, to what defines us and who built us. Among these elements, the city where I lived has a very important place in my heart. For its culture, its diversity, but also its beauty. Of course, any English speaker will bring the name of Angers closer to that of the word “anger”: it is nevertheless the least present feeling in me when I think of it. If it is impossible for me to present it entirely to you via a blog article, I will nevertheless try to pay tribute to it through a few images of monuments or inseparable places in this city. Let’s go.

Angers Castle

One of the best known and most representative buildings in Angers. A whole historic complex located in the center of the city, which further accentuates this feeling of border between the old and the new, which symbolizes the city in general.

Saint-Maurice Cathedral

This cathedral is a testament to Angevin Gothic art. From the bottom of the Saint-Maurice steps, admire its façade. A must.

Adam’s House

The oldest house in the city. This half-timbered house will amaze you.

Ralliement Place

This aptly named place (“Ralliement” meaning gathering in English) is the nerve center of Angers. Beyond its theater and cafes, many events are organized there, whatever the season.

The Mail Garden

One of the best place to walk around on spring times.

The borders of the Maine

The advantage of living in a city cut in half by a river is that it offers you landscapes and multiple development opportunities. It is very pleasant to walk there in hot weather.


A video produced by a resident of the city. It is emphasized on the surrounding landscapes of the city, which are almost as important as the city itself. Enjoy.

Simon LD

Let’s dive into Instagram

Maybe I should officially start a series with the theme “let’s dive into” on each of the social networks?
Anyway, here we are again for a new post on what I like on Instagram. There are obviously far too many content and people that I enjoy following on this social network, but I have tried to select 5 accounts that everyone can potentially appreciate, and even be inspired to also be able to produce content on Instagram. We begin ?
One of my favorites. This French guy (cocorico) likes above all to be able to nestle and climb in unusual places or places that seem out of reach. We add to this sporting performance a certain sense of aesthetics and we end up with this incredible type of account. Impressive.
An account all in optical illusion and overlay. Or simply the art of being able to transform the whole meaning of a photo with a bit of creativity.
An account producing and grouping meme as there are many on Instagram. But the particularity of this one is to offer an astonishing mixture of French and English in each of its captions. The result is, in any case for a French speaker, simply hilarious.
For this one, the concept is to have none. Whenever I see the name of this account appear in my newsfeed, I know in advance that it is impossible to predict what will happen (and that is all its interest).
Last but not least : wtffunfacts. I think this is one of those accounts that can be summed up by their title, quite simply. A concentrate of astonishment and fun.

A genius. Probably the most inspiring man I have ever known. You must follow him as soon as possible.

Simon LD.

Let’s dive into Twitter

So we’ve been locked up in our homes for almost two weeks. Some have managed to find an occupation, a routine to keep them entertained, others have even managed to provide content that wouldn’t not been possible otherwise (I think of all the amateur videos and photos that we see spreading on the net right now, produced by people who are bored at home for people who are bored at home).
In my point of view, and as a relentless user of twitter, I could observe a drastic increase of meme or amazing content on this platform. I find that is preferable for us to be able to detach oneself from the actual situation through humor or entertainment.
This is why I offer you today a small tweet compilation on the CoronaLockdown

A perfect example of the creative videos I mentioned in the introduction (and a jojo reference as bonus)
How I imagine those who still organize outings
One of the best quote from one of my favorite characters… interesting
Tips and tricks from the hand sanitizer crisis
Pretty accurate
Some things never change

Annnnnnnd it’s time for the french twitter to shine (dont worry, every tweet caption will have a translation right below)
“When someone starts to cough weirdly on the bus”
“Tobacco is count as one of the “essential businesses” with pharmacy, bank and food, i laugh so hard. We’re so f****** French, they were on the verge of putting wine merchants in this group”
“Everyone : Only 100 days before the UEFA Euro 2020
The Coronavirus :

As a true football fan, the last one still hurting.

Simon LD