Vegan week

I guess these past weeks have shown us that it is the time to discover new sites, of ourselves, of our behaviours, of our routines, of our surroundings… It’s the time to try out new things, learn new things, be aware of different things.

To bring something fresh to my “quarantine routine” and something new to my culinary repertoire I decided to make a vegan week. I started by thinking about ingredients I never bought before and recipes I would like to try (or some that I have done before but that I would like to cook again). So for a little overview, in case you feel inspired by also trying a vegan week, here comes my “menu”.

for breakfast 
I was either eating Porridge (which was just simply oats with oatmilk, cinnamon and grated apple) or Müsli (own mix of oats, nuts, seeds) with fruits and fermented coconut “yoghurt”. Of course for my typical Sunday pancake breakfast I made some Chocolate Pancakes with chocolate sauce and strawberries. 

Chocolate pancakes

for lunch 
In general I’m always eating Sandwiches so I just needed to get some vegan spreads. I really like to make different types of hummus. My favourite one is with chickpeas and beetroot, but I also like different types with lentils, beans or peas as basis. I always mix it with some kind of herbs of veggies. Apart from this, also avocado, peanut butter, olive oil, or some vegetables like cucumber, tomato, lettuce, or grilled aubergine/ courgette are very nice toppings for sandwiches. 

for dinner
I started with something easy like a Lentil vegetable curry with rice. Just very basic with onion, carrots and celery. Another day I made some homemade Falafel and Naan bread. This was very delicious together with lettuce, cucumber, grated carrots, an avocado-coconut dip and a sweet and sour ginger dip. Coming to an ingredient I never cooked with before: tofu. I decided to buy the smoked one cause I was curious about its taste. After I freezed it for one night to get out the water more easily, I marinated it for 3 hours. After it became part of a Asian style vegetable-noodle pan. I must say it was tasty but I could also eat with pleasure just the vegetable noodles without missing the tofu. I think its more something I would cook with if I would rely on its protein. And a last great meal I had was a Vegetable strudel. I think this is a very easy way to make a kind of more special dinner in a very simple way. You can just take any kind of vegetables you like, spice it up and just roll it into a strudel dough. It’s amazing! This time I filled it with a potato and onion spread, and fried cabbage-turnip, carrots and spring onions. I spiced it with curry and parsley. 

Falafel and Naan

All in all it was a great and refreshing experience. But at some point I was really wishing for cheese, so I guess that is the main point why I don’t want to be vegan forever. In general I just like to have this wide range of possibilities, so that I can choose day by day if I want to eat vegan, vegetarian or animal products according to how I feel like. I think its just very important to have a balanced diet with which you feel physically, mentally and ethically good and responsible. 

I hope you got some inspiration and if you feel like trying any of these meals, just leave me a comment to get the recipes.

Lena C. 

This Sunday … is Pasta, … Pesto Pasta!

This recipe I just mixed up with the ingredients I have in my kitchen, and … tried this with lentils pasta, which is healthier and has lots of proteins … so good for after working out!

When I am creative while cooking, I dont use any specific measurements, I just mix everything how it feels right and of course I give a try on the taste.

You can try it too, and see what recipes you can create! And perhaps to share with it others! Good luck!

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music unites and lifts us up

It is hard to imagine the months to come without the traditional summer festivities and festivals, that bring people together to celebrate life and enjoy different forms of culture. Is there a creative way to organize events and still follow the strict safety measures? Who knows. But we will see soon enough. Society has shown times and times again it´s ability to adapt.

Meanwhile, a lot of musicians are giving home concerts via YouTube, Facebook or Instagram live stream. In Wörgl, our association started a Facebook page called Home.Kultur.Wörgl, where people can share their home videos – playing an instrument, singing, reading bedtime stories or doing some stand up comedy – anything that creates positive feelings. Radio FM4 has a new daily series called Stay at Home Sessions. The Radio airs concerts or sessions by Austrian bands and musicians under a new motto “Stay at home, baby”. Through the Arte TV online broadcast “United we Stream” you can bring the Berlin club culture to your living room or kitchen, watch DJs playing live in video stream and dance along.

Today, on 18. April there is a global broadcast & digital special called “One World: Together at Home” organised by the Global Citizen Organisation with an impressive list of artists playing in live stream. The aim of this online event is to bring the world together through music and inspire everyone to take action and support the frontline healthcare workers and the WHO.

Following the cancellation of the Eurovision Song Contest 2020 the organizers decided to produce a new show, ‘Eurovision: Europe Shine A Light’, that will air in place of the Grand Final on Saturday 16th of May. The Contest, its values of universality and inclusivity, and the tradition of celebrating diversity through music, are bringing fans together all over the world.

I believe that music and arts can unite and empower people and lift us up in difficult times.

Foto von Andrea Piacquadio von Pexels

These are just a few examples. You can share your tips in the comments below! Maybe your favorite band or musician is also streaming a live concert soon? Share and let us know!

Kadri, komm!unity

Noli Timere Messorem

Terry pratchett died in March 2015 from Alzheimer disease. He left behind more than 70 books, thousands of fans, and a loving family.

After tuesday meeting, I surfed on the internet for a while, for things related to him. I was impressed, albeit not surprised, by the number and quality of fan-made products referencing him and his work since then. He may have died a few years ago already, but what he created and, above all, what he inspired in other, still remains.

With the current crisis, we are seeing a lot of familiar names in grim circumstances, either famous people mentioned in the news, or closer, more personal tragedies. I personally don’t have any deep answer, or any way to make it in any way better, so I just search for them outside. Looking back at this, what I could find was a quote from the man: “No one is actually dead until the ripples they cause in the world die away.”

Hopefully, this time too some ripples will still carry on.


Coronavirus winners

Yes, well I know that it is not necessarily the most appropriate title but it sums up a thought that came to my mind today.
Over a month that we are now confining, condemn to see the same people indefinitely (for the lucky ones who are confined with someone). It is only natural that we turned to digital entertainment. Let’s start with the streaming plateforms

Big opponent of traditional TV, these are characterized by big emblematic names such as Netflix, Amazon Prime or even more recently Disney +. Even if I am not personally a customer, I wanted, as a digital media enthusiast, to take an interest in the increase in views on these platforms in these times of lockdown, and it confirmed my opinion:
The action of the largest platform, Netflix, has seen an increase of almost 40%. Even if this trend is only ephemeral and caused by the lockdown, it is almost sure that it will have a lasting impact on the figures of the platform, already well above its direct competitors. The causes of the continuity of this trend: the laziness of new subscribers to take the initiative to unsubscribe after the lockdown, or simply the part of the audience which discovered and was conquered by Netflix during this period. We do not yet know the exact increase in the number of new subscribers (The platform having the habit of not revealing them until mid-end of the month), but it is sure that Netflix, which had 110 million subscribers per month of Mars, take advantage of this situation.

In another area, we can also talk about the great evolution of Zoom, the web conferencing company. More professional than Skype and simplier and more accessible to use than her other opponent, it also knew how to take advantage of the situation which forced the majority of companies to make their employees work from home. There is indeed, in one month, an increase of 40.75% (98.5 € on March 16 against 138.5 € on April 16). Again, I remain convinced that the evolution of this society will not be just a fad: indeed, with the lockdown, many companies have discovered and seen the benefits of working from home for their employees. I would not be surprised if some of them decide to keep, or at least partially incorporate, this type of work into their habits. To be continued then.

Finally, and to finish on a subject a little closer to my interests, we can talk about the incredible and worthy timing of Animal Crossing New Horizon, one of the last games produced by Nintendo.
Indeed, this game saw his European release date (March 20) roughly coincide with the confinement of the majority of the countries of this same continent. And this made itself impact on the ranking: it rose directly to the top of the games sold, ahead of Doom Eternals, Call of Duty or even Fifa 20. A real success so, but what are the causes?
For me, it is quite simply : his concept. A game in which it is possible to develop your virtual island by means of quests and interactions with virtual characters or even real people. He therefore had the perfect characteristics to peform during this period: the cocooning and exotic aspect of our virtual island, to counter the monotony of our apartment; his social dimension which allows many friends to progress together in the game and therefore to be able to continue talking during this lockdown period; the nostalgia side also: the majority of the former players of the last edition of this saga, Animal Crossing New Leaf, now having the age to be able to buy themselves the edition of the game and to offer themselve a bit of nostalgia ; and finally the very”all public” aspect, specific to the Japanese firm, and which had much ease to conquer this new player audience (let’s call them “players of Lockdown”) than a Doom Eternals, bloody and violent game or even than a Fifa, more focused on male players)
All these parameters leading to domination of the last Nintendo game, and for several more months in my opinion.

Simon LD

Youth Goals and Competences… Which suits me?

In the voluntary work you have like 8 competences to develop. Of course everyone is skilled or aims to something specific. I open myself and this time I tell you my concern. Why do I feel concern? I DON’T KNOW WHAT IT SUITS ME!!

The key competences

I put you here a summarize of what the key competences are based on. Thus you can have a slight idea if you’re not familiar within it:

  • Multilingual competence: the ability to use differents languages for communication and to understand and express thoughts, feelings and facts orally or in writing.
  • Personal, social and learning to learn competence: the ability to learn to learn, to manage one’s own learning an reflect on oneself.
  • Citizenship competence: the ability to act responsible citizens and to fully participate in civic and social life based on understanding of social, economic, legal an political concepts as well as global developments and sustainability.
  • Enterpreneuship competence: the capacity to act upon opportunities an to turn ideas into action that has values for others.
  • Competence in cultural awareness and expression: it is understanding of how ideas are creatively expressed in different cultures, through differens arts.
  • Digital competence: it involves the responsible use of digital technologies, communication and collaboration, media, digital content creation, safety, intellectual property, problem solving and critical thinking.
  • Mathematical competence and competence in science, technology, engineering (STEM): the ability to use mathematical thinking to solve problems in everyday situations.
  • Literacy competence: the ability to understand and express thoughts, feelings and facts orally, in writing or in other forms, and to interact with others.


Quite extensive, isn’t it? Well, that was my first thought too. Then, which one can suit me? The first thought would be according to my studies, sure. I’m student of Translation and Interpreter then Multilingual and Literacy competences would be suitable, don’t you think? STOP there are more competences in translation and interprerter. A translator/interpreter must solve problems and have strategies; That is literally the Personal learning competence. And do you think translators use books and paper to translate? No, we follow all the new tendencies, so we prefer to have advanced technology for typing and investigation. Digital and Science competences would also be covered. If you’re not convinced of Science, the market of the scientific translation is the most popular and the most wanted. And finally, the translator/interpreter is an hidding enterpreneur who work between societies! No, I don’t mean we are spies; I mean that we get involved in social and cultural changes and we work on it. Thus we create a business (Enterpreneur competence) of changes and interaction in the culture of the people (Citizenship and Cultural awarness competences).

Can you see? IT IS IMPOSIBLE TO DECIDE! Then, should I make it based on my preferences? These preferences are. I would like to stay in Austria and use all my knowledge to work and to live here; Once again, all competences. Should it be the preferences of the country? C’mon, Austria is a wonderful country! They are involved in all of those competences like me. My project? Exactly like the previous question. There are no one that I can focus on?


Exactly, there are nothing that you can focus on. A voluntary work consists on the max enedeavour that you can offer. Maybe at the end you can see what it developed more or what it did the less. This is not confusion then, it’s the truth that you are helping, that you are important and that we all thank your work. Perhaps my path is not that clear as far as you can see and I’m still not decided what should I focus on, but I know a thing: give your best on what you are doing and all it’s comming together.

José M. Gómez

About youth and a greener Europe

«The 11 European Youth Goals summarise the issues that affect young people in Europe and (…) that show in which areas change still has to happen so that young people in Europe can use their full potential.»

10. Sustainable Green Europe 
This goal refers to achieving a society in which all young people are environmentally active, educated and able to make a difference in their everyday lives.

I know this is such a big topic and sometimes we feel like that as a single person we can’t do enough. But the truth is that we can. Because if every single one of us takes the action, at the end we can make a big difference all together. I’m going to give you some examples about simple actions that I follow in my everyday life to try to make our planet a bit more sustainable and clean.

Buying local and seasonal products, preferably on a market, at a farmer in your town, from the bakery, butcher or fisherman. For example, talking about fruits and vegetables I really don’t see the point why we need to have strawberries or melons in winter time coming from the other side of the world. The beauty of eating seasonal and local is that throughout the year you have this bunch of variety. And it also makes every single fruit and vegetable more special.

Eating everything but in a moderate way. Have you asked yourself why there are so many vegetarians and vegans nowadays? My answer to this is that when there is one extreme there has also to be the opposite extreme. This means that as there are so many people that eat meat every day, that there has also to be the complete meat avoiders to make sure that there is some balance. In my opinion the right way would be a balanced diet for everyone but I’m not going to dig deep into this topic today. Fact is that the production of meat and other animal products has come to a point where it is neither environmentally nor ethically sustainable…

Avoiding plastic. I know this is a big challenge sometimes, mostly also related to economic possibilities, but try. I’m happy that supermarkets at least got to understand that packing bio fruits and vegetables in plastic packaging to be recognized as such is just contradictory. Nowadays you have everywhere this reusable net-bags for fruits and veggies and they are just great, not only to avoid plastic bags, but also because they let their content breath. I also never saw the point why we need to have plastic in between cheese or ham slices. Also if you live in a country where you can drink tab water, just do so instead of buying plastic bottles. Even if you can’t drink the water directly from the tab, you can cook it first. And if you need a bottle just get one of those aluminium ones. And of course there is much more you can do.

Avoiding palm oil. Since some years I don’t buy any products that contain palm oil to contribute to avoid the deforestation of the Amazon rainforest due to the plantations of palms for the palm oil production. It’s incredible in which products you can find it. It’s basically everywhere. I think it’s a real shame that known brands like Ferrero don’t change the ingredients of their products (like Nutella) to avoid the use of palm oil. A good example is Tuc that some years ago switched to sunflower oil for their salty crackers. 

Returning system. I think this should exist in every country: a returning system for bottles and glasses. I don’t understand why such a little amount of countries in Europe has adopted this system. In my eyes it’s perfect to avoid a big part of plastic and other trash. I mean from juice, over water, to tomato sauce, milk, yoghurt, and so on, everything can already be found in glass containers, so why not creating a returning system for all these?

Well I guess there is much more to say, and much more you can do but I guess the most important is that everyone contributes in some way. We all should be interested in making a difference to enhance not only our own quality of life, but as well the one of future generations. We should be aware of the consequences of our actions and make responsible choices in every matter of our life, to empower a sustainable and environmentally friendly lifestyle amongst our society.

Lena C.

Did you know?

In Latvia there is a tradition every spring to collect and drink the juice of a birch tree.

It is naturally abundant in the tree at this time of year, and the tree is happy to nurture us with a lot of vitamins and minerals.

The birch sap tastes almost like water when it is fresh, and it gets more sour after some time, but still good and drinkable.

I have enjoyed this wonder of Nature since I was little. I remember helping my dad drill the holes in trees and set up the containers.

Another tree to get a very tasty and good juice from is the maple tree.

Apparently the people in Austria don’t take juices from trees, but that’s OK, they have other wonders – like the Apfelstrudel, for example!

Latvian Birch Sap – Time For Latvia
Extraction of the birch sap.


Sailing Sights

L’école des Glénans is a french sailing association, one of the biggest and most well known in Europe.

They operate mainly from the eponymous archipel des glénans, an archipelago located off the coast of Concarneau, south of Brittany. However, they have several other bases across the country: one near Vannes, one at Paimpol, and two at Marseillan and Bonifacio, in the Mediterranean sea.

They offer classes of usually one or two weeks, on various supports ranging from small dinghies and sailboards to actual keelboats and yachts.

An interesting part of the school is that it aims to be more than a sailing club: it tries to teach the people who joins it, not only about sail and boats, but about the sea, nature, and life.

The archipelago is small and isolated from the mainland, linked only by a few boats. Most of the day-to-day activities, such as food preparation and cleaning, are accomplished by the trainees themselves, who are expected to participate in those supervised activities a set number of days during their week.

The organization also tried, especially in later years, to develop environmental awareness, and a sense of responsibility toward the sea and ecology, through various studies and workshops.

But the big specificity of this school is its extreme reliance on volunteering.

Beyond a small group of around 100 employees, most of the activities are accomplished by volunteers. This include most of the teaching, fleet and site maintenance, cooking, opening and closing the bases for winter, supplying the isolated isles with food and material, animation, and much more. All in all, it’s more than a thousand volunteers from every age and background that comes every year to make the association run.

It’s the first place I volunteered in, and probably one of the big reasons why I am currently here. So, with the sea now far away and all activities cancelled because of the virus, I thought I might as well share a bit of illustrated nostalgia.

two 5.7 training keelboats, with its emblematic white-and-red sails.
Sereine, the eldest training yacht of the association
Mélusine, another familiar sight, in the Morbihan Gulf
Another yach, with spinnaker out
Small laser Solo in action
Penfret, the main island from the Glenans archipelago. The buildings and tents can welcome hundreds of trainees at once during summer.
Fort cigogne, an old bastion in the center of the archipelago, reconverted as a sailing base. Comfy looking from the outside
Archipel, an old sailing boat and now the ship used to resupply the isolated islands from the mainland
Volunteers handling supply cargo. A frequent and necessary sight.


Funny Spanish expressions and proverbs

If you are not that familiar with my mothertongue, we are really funny and different from the rest of Europe. Fun fact, Spain is the only European country with African cities. It is also one of the countries with more types of cultures with the same roots. But you know what I like the most? Expressions. The Spanish imagination is so powerful and you won’t believe how we see the world.


These expressions and proverbs have equivalents in English but we change a few things or maybe we absolutely turn the whole phrase:

  • Talking to the Devil: In Spain we don’t say the Devil, we Talk about the king of Rome (Hablando del rey de Roma).
  • A word is enough to the wise: Well, maybe the Spanish needs more. To good clever-man, few words are needed (A buen entendedor, pocas palabras bastan).
  • Barking dogs never bite: Our dogs do! But less of course. Barking dog, less biter (Perro ladrador, poco mordedor).
  • Don’t put all your eggs in one basket: True meaning of life but Spaniards play cards: Don’t gamble all to one card (No te la juegues a una carta).
  • It’s raining cats and dogs: WHAT?! Animal rain? No! We have pots on the sky. It rains pots (Llover a cántaros).
  • One man’s meat is another man’s poison: We don’t even know what that means. Spanish have more to say: Talking about taste, nothing is written or Talking about taste, colours (Para gustos no hay nada escrito or Para gustos, colores).
  • Birds of a feather flock together: You have to know that we are religious. So we say God grow them together and they meet (Dios los cría juntos y ellos se juntan).
  • Monkey see, monkey do: Religious, but… we like to enjoy dirty things. We say Butt I see, butt I want (Culo veo, culo quiero).

The pure Spanish

Did you like the comparison? I might be wrong but none of this exists in any other language. They are for sure really creative:

  • Being a bad-luck bird: Exactly that! We talk too much and maybe we attract the bad luck, so always speak positive (Ser pájaro de mal agüero).
  • Thin dog all-cover by fleas: The bad luck always strikes to the weak one. Remember, stay brave and positive or the bad thoughts will come for you! (A perro flaco, todos son pulgas).
  • Having almond milk in veins: Actually there’s more than almond milk to those lazy and slow people in the blood. Can you imagine a human with almond milk in the blood? Or air? Or just lack of blood? (Tener horchata/aire en las venas or No tener sangre).
  • Bread is bread and wine is wine: Let’s be clear, things are the way they are. Don’t change your perspective of reality or the name of the things (Al pan pan y al vino vino).
  • Every owl to their olive tree: Isn’t it funny?! This only means to take people to their houses or the places where they belong. Guys, the party is over (Cada mochuelo a su olivo).
  • Sew and sing: English is famous with their piece of cake or their cup of tea. Who haven’t heard of the easy-pease? Well, we have also one thing less tasty (Coser y cantar).
  • When you become father, you’ll eat eggs: Listen to your parents. You don’t know but they are right in some way (Cuando seas padre, comerás huevos).
  • To put wood in the bonfire: You know those people who like to see the world burn? These people like to make worse a bad situation (Echar leña al fuego). They also Put lemon juice in wounds or Touch the wounds (Echar lemón a las heridas or Meter el dedo en la herida).
  • To talk with the elbows: Mouth is overrated. The most talkative people speak with their elbows (Hablar por los codos).
  • Going blind: Well, not exactly blind, but we drink and we turn really crazy. This is getting drunk (Ir ciego). We also have Going like a trunk or Going piripi or Going fart (Ir trompa or Ir piripi or Ir pedo).
  • To take the cat to the water: Something imposible, like taking the cat to the water. Congratulations! (Llevarse el gato al agua).
  • Bad weed never dies: Yes, bad people will always come more and more until something must change. These guys… (Mala hierva nunca muere).
  • To kill the worm: English has a repetitive song in the head, but our worm is called “starving”. Eat snacks and kill the worm (Matar el gusanillo).
  • To wet myself: It’s nothing dirty -this time-, but being the brave one to bet something important or get implicated in something (Mojarse).
  • I can’t translate this one: German speakers! This is for you! Do you use So lala? Then we have Ni fu ni fa. Literally, Neither fu or fa. We don’t go good (fu) and we don’t go bad (fa).
  • Don’t give your arm to bend: We like our arms the way they are. This means to let the things we as they are and being strict like a mountain. Parents don’t let their children go crazy and Spanish parents dont give their arms to bend (No dar el brazo a torcer).
  • We were a few so the grandma gave birth: People like to join everywhere. This means to take part in a really full event or group (Éramos pocos y parió la abuela).
  • To put dots over the i: Sit on the chair and let me be clear with you. This party-pooper means to let the things clear (Poner los puntos sobre las íes).
  • To take the chesnuts out of the fire: You see we are crazy, so someone must be the adult and save the people. This means that you save someone from his problems (Sacar las castañas del fuego).

Wow that was a lot. There are a really lot of more. You can search for more or you can ask if you liked this post! I hope you had fun with all these hilarious expressions. Remember this Al mal tiempo, buena cara or else: put your best face to the worst weather.

José M. Gómez